Monthly Archives: July 2010


this young lady loves bites, so she asked me to tattoo a realistic bite mark onto her collarbone.  pretty fantastic if i do say so myself.


that’s right. you read right: $25 Dermals, $20 Base Piercings, buy 3 piercings and get the 4th FREE.  all prices include jewelry.

get it while it’s hot.

fixed this piece on a longtime client of mine – it’s an older piece she had done somewhere years ago.  went in and reshaped/cleaned up the widow and added the red filigree freehand – gave it a  nice little pick-me-up.

she knew it was time to have it retouched when she was in a store and another person leaned in, squinted, and after several moments finally exhaled, “Ooooooh… it’s supposed to be a spider.”  😉

this piece is on one of my toughest female clients, she’s a bad mofo, please believe.

you know what i’m talkin’ about, one of those hip, cool moms you always heard about as kid, the kinda strong woman that you want your own daughter to be.  she’s a single mother raising a teenager on her own, recently moved back into the state to help with her ailing mother, and just a warrior in general.

she experienced what we call ‘the worst week ever’ and was STiLL going — kickin’ ass and takin’ names, you KNOW she deserved this tattoo!!!!