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a father’s tribute + love to his two sons — here’s the final session on this sleeve.  check out the previous session here.

one kid was born in Phoenix, AZ and the other child was born in Las Vegas, NV. Now he wears both of them proudly at all times.

by Ernie Rojas aka Serv1


we @ GOLDENTOUCHTATTOO are EXTREMELY excited to get thru this week — we’ll be attending the TEXAS TATTOO SHOWDOWN this JULY 4th WEEKEND in EL PASO, TX!!!!!

to find out more information on the Showdown (ie, times/dates, ticket prices, etc.) simply go here.

if you get the chance to attend this massive three-day event, drop by our booth and SAY HI!!! 😀

teeny tiny rat tattoo recently done on a client who told me this story:

where she comes from, they have an old wives tale where a pregnant woman who gets frightened while carrying child imprints that scare/event onto said child in the form of a birthmark. well, when my client was born she had this small birthmark on her leg – everyone called it her ‘rat’ since her mother had the bejeezus scared out of her by a rat while gathering eggs, pregnant with her daughter. 🙂

Dia de los muertos, aka Day of the Dead, images have recently become very popular in mainstream culture and tattooing.  As much of tattoo art has to do with memorial/tribute/remembrance, dia de los muertos falls right into that category as it has much about celebrating the dead as it is to continue living.

[Day of the Dead style are portrayed as skeletons; this is a way to accept that they are no longer among the living in the flesh. As a reminder that they are still alive in spirit…]