FiXiES + COVER-UPS — slappin’ GOLD on that A$$

alright, so as a tattoo artist one of the things i really studied is the art of covering-up a bad tattoo — and let’s be honest, i think about 85% of the people i’ve met out there have a tattoo they’d like to change/morph/cover-up/fix/etc.

here’s the latest doosy i was able to help out:

headphones / phoenix


(if you’d like to see of my cover-up + fix work, feel free to take a peek @ OR

…it used to be a set of headphones w/the guy’s last name in-between, but as you can see it really fanned out and bled into each other. hahahahahaha, he said that people were constantly asking him “wth is that thing supposed to be???”, so i gave it a little revival and made it a piece he could be proud to show off once again.


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