Hurry Up and Wait

Any artist out there working on a large piece knows the agony of waiting. The particular pain tolerance of the client, their ability to SiT, how their skin heals out, their schedule to even come in, etc., etc., the list is endless… it’s like bart + lisa in the backseat chanting, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet??”

I don’t know if it’s all those episodes of Miami Ink & LA Ink, but people, most large pieces are not done in one sitting – let alone 10 minutes. come on now. 😛

Here are two wonderful, consistent, committed clients – just 1/2 sessions away from being complete…

dragon backpiece

fudog rib piece

both of these pieces were started a few months ago and are finally on the homestretch of being DONE — can’t wait to finish them up and then hurry up and wait for them to heal out. 😉


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